Working with a Supermicro 1UIPMI-B BMC

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In February 2012, I acquired a number of 1U rack servers for a new project. They have Supermicro PDSML-LN2+ motherboards which have an expansion socket for the Supermicro 1UIPMI-B BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) card. I got one of these on eBay, and started playing with it. There is actually plenty of good information already available, either via Supermicro's FTP site or via Google, but I did had a couple of difficult hurdles to overcome.

IPMI software

It looks like there are at least three packages available - ipmitool, freeipmi and ipmiutil. I couldn't see if there were any significant difference, so I started with ipmitool which is included in the openSUSE distro.

Configuring the BMC for network access

The BMC needs to have the MAC address of the LAN1 interface on the Supermicro board. The IP-address needs to be different from that of LAN1.

e1000e crc_stripping

BMC firmware

The BMC worked fine locally -