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I have slowly begun distillations, late as usual.

30 litre vat with grapes

20220703 Yield just around 30%, maybe 1000ml. I guess my grapes do not have very high sugar content.

Vat C5, Berner Rose

20220709 It splattered a lot, clogging up the steam pipe, twice. I really need that splatter guard. Yield about 1000ml at 64%. Pleasant nose.

Vat C4, Belle de Boskoop

20220712 Have started distilling ~30litres - very little methylalcohol. Yield 1000ml, plus 1000ml 20% for the collection.
20220713 2nd portion, ~30litres - very little methylalcohol. Yield 600ml, plus 1000ml 20% for the collection.

Vat C1, trester, Belle de Boskoop

Vat C9, Belle de Boskoop

Vat B1, Belle de Boskoop

I finished this one before we went on vacation, the one noteworthy thing is that my vapour pipe got clogged up a few times, by splatter. Very annoying, although easy to clean later. I have some plans for a splash guard.

Vat B2, Belle de Boskoop